Welcome to my website. I’m a musician, singer/songwriter, and music producer/director/performer, which is mainly what this site is all about. I also have included personal information and other interests just for fun and reference. I hope that you enjoy all this as well, and that you find the products or information that you are looking for without difficulty. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write and ask, I do my best to keep up with correspondence. Thanks for your time and I appreciate your visit to my site.


Teddy News

I'm just trying to keep up with myself here by plugging into this site periodically or as often as I think about doing it. 2015 was a good year and I did so much, most of which isn't relevant to this post but it's been busy with gigs and life in general. The new cd has done well in terms of reviews and I'm very happy with the reception that it has received from people I respect. I have not marketed it well however as I don't have time or need. Well actually my need is to get as many people to hear it as possible, but I don't want to take the time to get into all those areas where I don't have much expertise. The learning curve is great, my patience grows thin and I'd rather put my energy into writing. I'd love to find someone who would like to make videos of some songs, if you hear of anyone, let me know, I could get into that project. In the meantime, life goes slowly here on the island and I still love it. Peace and joy to you in the new year. Teddy