Welcome to my website. I’m a musician, singer/songwriter, and music producer/director/performer, which is mainly what this site is all about. I also have included personal information and other interests just for fun and reference. I hope that you enjoy all this as well, and that you find the products or information that you are looking for without difficulty. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write and ask, I do my best to keep up with correspondence. Thanks for your time and I appreciate your visit to my site.


Teddy News

My newest CD is out: "Songs from my Smart Ass Inner Child". I'll put some photos up and make a stab at getting some audio files going as well. It's my 7th cd in 10 years, not a bad "record" if I do say so myself. It's also my first cd under my own name and my latest since 2008 composed of songs I like without a theme attached e.g. the Friday Harbor series. I'm very happy to have worked with Darvis Taylor at Rikki Swin's studio here on San Juan Island. It was a lot of fun and I think we got a very good product. I had to do a lot of virtual keyboard stuff, which is a slow process and not as much fun as basics with live musicians, but, as I said, I think the end product is pretty snazzy. Jonathan Piff, my partner for several years, put down some great guitar licks, Kate Schuman sang harmony with me on a tune and Darvis put a guitar track down as well. I had 2 adult choruses and a kids chorus on 3 tunes too. I played reeds on almost every tune so there was a lot of action and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm selling them for $10, just make a request and send some money and I'll get one off to you. Sorry I don't have the credit card thing going although there is a pay-pal if that helps.

France was wonderful too, there for 3 weeks, 4 days in Paris and the rest in Provence, just tripping around. I'll post some photos.

Thanks for checking out the site, I appreciate it, Teddy